OceanGate’s Co-founder Is Leading A Dive Into A ‘Virtually Unexplored’ Ocean Sinkhole

A new deep-sea mission is being planned by Guillermo Söhnlein, the co-founder and former CEO of OceanGate, over a year after the terrible implosion of the Titan submersible during a dive to the Titanic disaster. Co-founder of OceanGate alongside Stockton Rush, Söhnlein left the company to form Blue Marble Exploration. This year, he is going to spearhead an expedition into the Bahamas’ Dean’s Blue Hole, one of the world’s deepest ocean sinkholes.

With a depth of 664 feet, Dean’s Blue Hole is still mostly undiscovered because of its peculiar terrain and extraordinary depth. The sinkhole has a “vase”-shaped aperture that widens into a chamber, giving the impression that it was constructed some 15,000 years ago. On a secluded Bahamian island, there is a gorgeous beach encircling this underwater grotto.

Söhnlein will be collaborating with explorer Kenny Broad and astronaut Scott Parazynski, who also serves as a physician. Their objective is to reveal new scientific discoveries from what is considered science’s last frontier. The mission organized by Blue Marble Exploration will be negotiating dangers including underwater currents not visible from the surface and thermal layers not to mention the pressure at the sinkhole’s floor, close to 300 pounds per square inch, nearly 20 times greater than surface pressure.

Dean’s Blue Hole is mostly dark inside because of the narrow opening that constitutes a greater part of its makeup, thus contributing to the enigma and complexity of the plunge. The locals look at the sinkhole with superstition and hold it as a belief that it is an entrance to hell— this has added more lives over the years. However, if they come across any human remains during their expedition, it will be treated with utmost respect, as noted by the team after acknowledging such a possibility.

Despite the daunting conditions, Söhnlein and his team are committed to their mission. While the exact departure date remains unspecified, the dive into Dean’s Blue Hole is anticipated to yield unprecedented insights into this enigmatic underwater world.

This new expedition contrasts with the ill-fated Titan dive, which tragically ended with the loss of five lives, including Stockton Rush. The Titan’s implosion was a stark reminder of the dangers inherent in deep-sea exploration.

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