Oakley Delivers an Enhanced Gaming Experience with Its Innovative Eyewear Collection

As modern lifestyle continues to influence people’s vision needs, eyewear must also constantly evolve to meet consumer demands and expectations. At the forefront of these eyewear innovations is the key industry player, Oakley. As illustrated in a previous post, the release of Oakley’s Airwave goggles a few years back reinforced the brand’s niche in outdoor and performance outwear. By integrating smart features like a projected display and wireless connectivity into ski goggles, Oakley equipped skiers with optical performance, comfort, and protection when going down the slopes.But beyond sports and outdoor activities, Oakley is also breaking into the gaming industry. Below, we discuss how the brand’s newest line of gaming eyewear is delivering an enhanced, unparalleled experience to gamers.

The features of Oakley’s gaming eyewear collection

Lens technology

Whether they play video games as a hobby or for esports, gamers tend to spend extended periods in front of digital screens. Thus, Oakley’s gaming glasses take this into account by featuring lenses that filter blue light to minimize the risk of vision issues, including eye strain. Specifically, the Prizm Gaming 2.0 lens technology reduces blue light exposure by 30% from natural and artificial light sources within the 400–500 NM range. It also reduces glare with minimal color shift. Overall, as these glasses improve visual contrast and provide sharp optics, gamers can play longer without sacrificing their comfort and overall eye health.

Frame selections

Besides blue light-filtering lenses, the gaming eyewear collection also showcases a diverse range of frames to suit gamers’ personal styles and preferences. For instance, the gaming-inspired Helux model has extra-large frames to optimize the wearer’s field of view. The frames are also made of lightweight O-Matter and have adjustable nose pads for a customized fit. Meanwhile, the NXTLVL frames are the first adult eyewear specifically designed to be gaming-compatible. Besides larger, square-shaped lenses for an unobstructed view, the lightweight temples feature a unique architecture that offers a comfortable, long-lasting fit even when gaming with headphones. These frames combine materials like O-Matter, C-5, and Unobtainium to balance flexibility and durability.Lastly, gaming-friendly options are also available for the iconic frame style, Holbrook. Besides showcasing a wide, high-bridge fit, the Holbrook gaming glasses’ keyhole bridge and metal rivets have also been scaled up to better fit larger faces without causing distraction or discomfort.Since Oakley enables limitless frame and lens combinations, these gaming glasses can be purchased with or without a prescription — ultimately catering to gamers whether they need eyewear for vision correction, eye protection, or overall performance enhancement.

What’s next for Oakley and gaming

The release of Oakley’s top-of-the-line gaming eyewear collection is only its first step toward making its mark in the gaming industry. In fact, Oakley recently dropped an eyewear collaboration with Fortnite, which features the Heluz Fortnite glasses equipped with the proprietary Prizm Gaming 2.0 lens technology for glare reduction and blue light protection. The line also includes the Hydra Fortnite design for maximum sun protection when outdoors.Besides partnering with video game companies, Oakley also reaches out to content creators in the gaming community. In 2023, Call of Duty: Warzone player and streamer Hector ‘Repullze’ Torres was announced as Oakley’s brand ambassador. The brand partnership involves Repullze wearing the Prizm Gaming glasses during streams and gaming events. Generally, Oakley is proactive in sponsoring gaming and esports players, brands, events, and organizations to truly show its commitment to capturing the gaming market.

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