NYC Subway Workers Are Tired Of AirPods Falling On Train Tracks

NYC Subway Workers Are Tired Of AirPods Falling On Train Tracks

NYC subway workers have been trying their best to tackle a plague; AirPods that keep on getting dropped onto train tracks. The notorious wireless earphones by Apple – AirPods – are very convenient to use, but at the same time; they do tend to fall out.

Your AirPods falling out is okay but what is not okay is them falling out while you are getting on or off the NYC subway. These fallen AirPods land onto the tracks and have become a nuisance for subway workers. Metro Transit Authority (MTA) workers are actually burdened with this extra load of work. They have to retrieve these small wearable headphones instead of being able to focus on the more pressing matters that they have to deal with.

The subway workers have actually said that they are considering issuing a public service announcement. This announcement would urge the subway riders to take off their AirPods from their ears before they jump on or off the trains. The basic goal is to reduce the chances of AirPods falling out of your ears and onto the tracks.

Steven Dluginski is an MTA maintenance supervisor who said that the number of fallen AirPods has actually increased over the summer on account of Apple releasing a newer version of AirPods. When you consider the high temperatures and humidity that New York faces during summer, it comes as no big surprise that these headphones actually have to struggle to stay fit in the ear of their owners.

A new AirPods costs $69 for a replacement whereas a new pair costs $159. It is no wonder that people ask for their AirPods to be rescued from the tracks. MTA workers end up making use of long poles along with a clamp to pick up fallen AirPods from the tracks. Dluginski said, ‘the only saving grace is that they’re white.’ This makes it easier to spot them.

NYC Subway Workers Are Tired Of AirPods Falling On Train Tracks

We would suggest that you invest in gadgets that allow your Apple earphones to remain attached to a silicone-stretchable string that goes around your neck. You simply need to insert the headphones into loops at the end of the string and then use them. This way, even if they fall out; they remain on you. Whatever you do; do not try to retrieve them from the tracks on your own!

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