Nvidia CEO Says Video Games Will Soon Be Totally Infused With AI

Jensen Huang — CEO and co-founder of Nvidia — has made a daring prediction: that artificial intelligence will soon be infused into video games in entirety. According to PC Gamer’s report, Huang thinks that Nvidia is able to make it happen and benefit significantly from such a revolution. He sees an outlook where almost all elements of video games would use AI innovations which would increase the value that players get out of gaming.

At the Computex tech expo in Taipei, Huang detailed how AI has started to play a major part in gaming: DLSS and other AI features. The introduction of these technologies happened five years ago, and today they are known to every PC gamer around the world. “We already use the idea of neural graphics,” Huang said as he pointed out DLSS along with other AI-driven features that were implemented based on artificial intelligence technologies.

Huang predicted that AI’s influence in gaming would extend beyond graphical improvements. AI could be used to generate textures and objects, resulting in richer and more immersive game environments. He also suggested that AI could revolutionize in-game interactions. Non-playable characters (NPCs) in open-world games could have AI-generated dialogues, making them more responsive and dynamic. In competitive games, AI could simulate human-like opponents or allies, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. “It’s like having you go into a battle with six colleagues,” Huang explained. “Maybe two of them are real people, and the other four are AIs that remember you and play alongside you seamlessly.”

This story plays into Nvidia’s hands, strategically speaking. The company has had a firm grip on the gaming hardware market for years now through its graphic cards— and that’s not all. In recent times, Nvidia has emerged as one of the major players in the AI industry too; its chips play a critical role for the generative AI wave. As AI and gaming grow more entwined, Nvidia paves way to fortify its reign over these dual spheres even further.

Yet, the uptake of AI — especially generative AI — is a hot potato in creative fields (yes, that includes gaming). However, amidst this skepticism some big players such as Ubisoft are delving into the realm of AI-generated non-player characters (NPCs) which exhibit behaviors far from scripted— an act that could ease their game development workload.

The industry is indeed holding its breath as Nvidia unravels new possibilities with AI integration onto gaming; this presents curious spectators as it pledges to reshape the future course of interactive entertainment.

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