Numerous Teslas Around The World Were Left Stalled After A Major Server Outage

The cars of Tesla have not been without issues since the beginning. There have been multiple problems associated with the machine when it comes to different aspects. For example, in Tesla Model 3s, the bumpers were falling off the car due to issues with the design. In another instance, its Autopilot’s Full Self-Driving feature considered the moon as the yellow light and caused the car to slow down. Lastly, the new issue has been the inability of the cars to find their parking spots. This is included in all the issues encountered with the “Smart Summon” feature of the car.

However, the company is bound to face these issues because they are entirely new and disruptive. Before the systems get in place, these features are bound to undergo malfunction.  

A Major Tesla Server Outage Has Left Electric Vehicles Stalled Worldwide

Recently, a new problem has come up. People found the car unable to be connected with their phones that allows them to start the car. Elon Musk was made aware of this problem through a tweet, and he replied that he is looking into the matter of the “500 Internal Server Error” occurring when people try to connect their phones with the car.

However, the reply Musk gave was not very reassuring at the time since no one knew what exactly was wrong.

There were multiple possible explanations for this error, but Tesla did not immediately update or release news regarding the solution of this issue, and people had to rely on getting the information from Elon Musk’s Twitter account itself.

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