Amateur Video Shows How Nuclear Warheads Are Transported In The USA

A nuclear warhead being transported in a convoy with helicopters flying overhead was caught on camera in Great Falls, Montana. The caption of the video uploaded by the person who captured it is “There’s probably no better way to do this than a highly secure convoy. Nonetheless, it’s highly disconcerting.”

(Source: Daily Mail)

The video shows the vehicles traveling on the Montana highway at a steady pace in a tight group. The helicopters are also glimpsed traveling in the sky. It is probable that the nuclear warhead was either leaving Malmstrom Air Force Base or was heading towards it.

(Source: Daily Mail)

The base is located in Great Falls, Cascade County, Montana and is one of the three US Air Force Bases that maintain and operate the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile. The remaining two bases are located in Louisiana and Wyoming.

In your opinion, is it a good idea to transport warheads like this on an open highway or do you have an alternative in mind?. You can check out the video of the warhead being transported here.

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