Now You Can Ride In Rain Without Getting Wet Thanks To Brolly

Brolly Umbrella cyclist Senz5

It can be quite a fix for bikers when it starts to rain and there’s very little that can be done when that happens. The driving conditions go from safe to dangerous while your clothes and hair-do get ruined. You will find very few bikers who enjoy riding in the rain, however, with the gadget that we are going to talk about today, the cyclists can keep themselves dry by making use of an umbrella that has been designed specifically in order to clip onto the bike handle and hence, freeing the cyclist to make use of hands to control the cycle. The gadget is a brainchild of Gerwin Hoogendoorn and he conceived the idea after storms managed to break three of his standard umbrellas within a week. Brolly Umbrella cyclist Senz2

The gadget comes from a Dutch firm and is basically a simple clamp that is affixed to the bike’s handlebars and supports a windproof umbrella in place to protect the rider from rain and wind. The user can also make use of the holder in order to store umbrella when rain ceases.Brolly Umbrella cyclist Senz Brolly Umbrella cyclist Senz3

The design of this particular umbrella is asymmetric and as per the company, this particular design allows for the umbrella to withstand high speed wind gusts of up to 113 Km/hr. The design is aerodynamic in nature and allows for the wind to travel over and around the brolly. Brolly is capable of maintaining its shape and also keeps people dry underneath it. Senz, the company behind brolly, still advises against riding during high winds.Brolly Umbrella cyclist Senz4

A spokesperson from the Senz said; ‘Ruining your hairdo, ending up with dripping clothes after a quick ride to the shops will be a thing of the past with the Senz umbrella holder. The clamp allows you to attach your umbrella on your bike, while keeping both hands on the handle bars and giving a good sight of traffic. When it is not raining the holder is easily folded back and the brolly attached to the bike forks.’Brolly Umbrella cyclist Senz6

Brolly costs £31 and comes with umbrella of different sizes and are sold separately with price tags of £20 and £40.


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  1. Rick Landers Reply

    Nothing new under the sun, it seems! Legendary bicyclist, Frank Lenz, made one for riding on his high wheeled ordinary around 1892. Lenz was murdered on his trip around the world in Mongolia, attempting to be the first to ride the circumnavigate on a safety bicycle….he even raced with it and was considered one of the best wheelers in the US at the time. His hero, Thomas Steven, was the first to make it around the world on a bicycle – his high wheeled ordinary….

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