Now You Can Easily Monitor Your Car’s Health With FIXD

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There is a myriad of apps out there that pertain to human fitness and well-being and it was about high time that a company came up with a maintenance app for cars. Imagine having a way to identify when your car’s health starts deteriorating and getting suggestions to prevent it from happening while being reminded about the hazards of not attending to the issues at hand. FIXD is one such app. It works by letting the user know about how much the repair will cost and what will be consequences if they are not addressed.Fixd App for cars4

The app comes from a Georgia-based company and is accompanied by a sensor. The sensor will cost $50 and gets plugged into the on-board diagnostics-II a.k.a OBD-II port that all the modern cars support now. The sensor works by monitoring the car and regularly checks for any problems and connects to the app via Bluetooth.Fixd App for cars Fixd App for cars3

As of now, funds are being raised for FIXD on Kickstarter. Users will be able to know when they need to perform an oil change or when the air filter requires replacement. The sensor derives the power from the car once it has been attached and therefore, uses no battery.

One app can be used to connect with multiple sensors and therefore, you can keep tab on all your cars at once.  According to the Kickstarter page of the app, the company says, ‘We want to give you confidence when dealing with repair shops. We want to give you peace of mind over all the cars that you own. We want you to turn to FIXD when you are having car troubles.’Fixd App for cars2 Fixd App for cars6

The app shall be launched for Android this October and the iPhone version is to be released by April 2015. Check out this youtube video for more information:


  1. Ray Reply

    Can one FIXD be moved from car to car to check problems, or is each FIXD set up for one car only?

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    Hi, I log on your blogs like every week. Your story writing style is great, it up!

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