Wonderful Engineering

Now You Can Convert Anything Into A Table With This Ingenious New Invention

Many times you must have wished that your customary rejects from the drawing room suddenly sprout legs? Well, wish no more as SNAP helps you to convert any surface into a table or something similar as it goes, just by attaching these SNAP legs.

The idea was floated around by these amazing women who had trouble letting go certain surfaces from their homes and now they have created the perfect solution to this problem. Now you can convert any flat piece of wood or similar material into a portable table of your liking. With SNAP, you can let go of your clumsy outlook by making a standing table within a minute. That’s no small feat, huh?

Like all great inventions, the idea was born as a result of frustration. The two architectural engineers Erika and Maria were irritated by their furniture and how they couldn’t make anything else out of it. They sat down and designed SNAP that could convert any odd surface into a standing piece of furniture. It is a steel leg that can help surface stand up straight like ordinary shelves, tables and even cabinets. As with any girly invention, the steel legs come in various colours so that you can blend it with your original furniture.

Here SNAP is attached to an old cardboard frame to make a cool outdoor table. How many bucks would you have paid to get some alternate furniture out of it?

Here SNAP is used to make these handy tea tables that can be a good addition to your living room.

It can even become a cabinet holder if you want it to be. It is a proof that it attaches to everything. You have a portable standing cabinet with no extra cost at all. Any wooden crates, photo frames and even loose floorboards can be remodelled in a SNAP.

Here is the pitch for the Kickstarter funding project. The campaign was successful, and the project was able to raise more than 50,000 dollars worth of pledged amount. The company will be shipping in October. With SNAP, you can have a broad range of furniture within days.