Now You Can Buy This Putin-Themed Nokia 3310 Model

Nokia 3310 Putin (2)

Caviar, an Italian company, makes smart luxury phones of all sorts and they don’t think Nokia 3310 should be an exception. It is selling Nokia 3310 Models, with portraits of Vladimir Putin in gold. In case you feel that carrying a 3310 would make you appear cheap, we should inform you that this phone costs $1,700 which is nearly 3000% the original price.

Source: Caviar Phones

The phone description on the company website reads:

The return of the cult Nokia phone couldn’t have gone unnoticed, so Caviar designers immediately created their version of the 3310, adding gold, luxury, style, and true Russian character to it.

The only problem that the people see with the Nokia 3310 is that it does not have Wi-Fi technology. However, the company considers the lack of Wi-Fi as a positive feature as its absence eliminates the pressure of information flow which is often negative and unnecessary.

Source: Caviar Phones


The phone primarily targets the Russian market, where it will start selling the Putin and Titanium version by mid of this year. No release date has been mentioned yet, so you need to submit your information on the website for a preorder.

The Shiny Nokia 3310 is not all that the company makes. Caviar has sold gold versions of the iPhone7 covers embellished not only with Putin but other sparkly varieties too. They cost $4,000 and guess what? The covers all sold out on the very first day.

You can even get a gold embellished Apple watch and Android smartphones.

Source: Caviar Phones

Not a Putin fan? You can even get a Donald Trump cover. They are the only two world leaders available on these covers so; you will have to settle with either.

To honor International Women’s Day, Caviar even launched a women’s cover inspired by Natalia Poklonskaya – Deputy of the State Duma and former Prosecutor General of Crimea.

Source: Caviar Phones

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