Now You Can Add A Spiral Staircase To Any Tree With CanopyStair

portable spiral staircase2

All children like to have a tree house of their own and I am not ashamed to say it, but many of us older unfortunate ones who couldn’t enjoy its experience, still yearn for it. Children love to hang out and call the place theirs. The making of such a tree is complicated by its nature. The design of such a house is difficult for each tree. But even that is nothing compared to the difficulty of installing reliable stairs. Most people content themselves with rope ladders which is no doubt fun, but poor for safety of your loved ones. In case of an emergency like fire, the stairs are prone to becoming engulfed.

portable spiral staircase

CanopyStair saw the opportunity to enter this untapped market and it is now offering useful spiral staircases that can be wound around any tree. If they enter production, the construction of a tree house would become much easier for the parents.It has ratchet straps that can be attached to any kind of wood with relative ease. Each step of the staircase is attached to these straps with the help of a tripod frame made of Aluminum. So, it is quite stable for people of all sizes to come and use!

portable spiral staircase3

At the moment, it is still in concept stage and we hope it will reach production soon. What better way to start than social media? So kindly start the impromptu campaign by sharing on your wall and encourage the company to launch a crowdfunding program. I will definitely order one, would you?

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