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Now You Can 3D Print Your Garden In Any Shape You Desire With This New 3D Printer

3D printing sure has progressed a lot in little time. You can now 3D print almost anything. Recently, a 3D printer has been developed by the University of Maribor in Slovenia by the name of printGreen that allows users to print a growing garden in any desired shape.

It is a modified CNC printer and extrudes a damp and clay-like soil that is filled with small seeds that grow up into grass.

The printer’s design and building was carried out by a group of students from the University’s Intermedia Arts program and is aimed at combining nature, art and technology. It might seem like a bizarre idea at first, however, in future it could find its use as means of producing food in small, efficient and environmentally friendly spaces.

It is quite fun to watch it work. 

It can create all kinds of shapes that will sprout and grow.

The printer can be used for creating living artwork, signs and displays.

It can also be used for the creation of flower-pot-like structures that can be filled with more plants and soil later on.

Check out the printer in action below.