Now We Can Make It Rain Wherever We Want With This New Technology

Desert greening

One-third of the world (including Antarctica) is surrounded by the harsh terrain of desert, and they create very difficult conditions for life to survive. The obvious way to end a desert’s pitiful existence is rain, but where do you get rain to come to the driest parts of the world? You can make it come to those areas! Desert Greening is an organization working to reclaim land from deserts and converting them into arable lands. They have created a new system to attract rain from more than 200 kilometers away!
Desert greening2

Desert greening

The device resembles a lightning rod, and it is based on a 1950s design by American Wilhelm Reich. It consists of a set of metal tubes and uses organic energy to attract clouds to that area. How? Well, the more vegetation an area has, the more chances that the area will get rainfall. Desert Greening has installed such a system in an Algerian desert in the south of the country. They started using this technology in 2005 and slowly, it transformed the region, and the vegetation increased by 300 times over the last ten years. A majority of the new vegetation is due to the frequent nature of rain in that area now.

Despite being a desert, the area is now home to more than 3000 fruit trees like peach, apple, apricot, and lemons as well as countless kinds of vegetables. All of this has taken some time to happen, but the result is very promising. It is a way of fighting back the desert expansion as they are increasing every year in massive proportions.

Have a look at these vegetables growing in the desert and decide for yourself:

Desert greening4 Desert greening3


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  1. Peto Reply

    How many cubic liters of water does it need per day? Feels like the targeted market won’t have the water to supply their own people, even less spill it out in the air.

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