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Now Enjoy Music On The Go With This Wireless Speaker In A Water Bottle

We love listening to music while travelling, right? No trip is complete without music. However, we usually end up getting tangled in the earphone hassle or are unable to carry speakers everywhere. Carrying earphones while riding a bicycle is particularly dangerous as there is a chance of dropping them or getting them stuck with the machinery. Wouldn’t it be perfect if all your favourite gadgets were portable? We hereby reveal to you this amazing water bottle that comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker with it and also a battery pack to top up your smartphone or tablet.

The bottle can be used while you go out for cycling and shall keep your ride earphone free. It has a capacity of 11.75 ounces and the speaker is essentially the secondary lid – that is to say, it can be removed easily if need be. Apart from the secondary lid, there is a real lid to save the water from splashing out when the speaker is removed. The speaker is a 3-watt unit while the battery has a capacity of 3,000mAh and can serve up to 6 hours when playing music while it takes a total of 3 hours to charge completely via USB.

The bottle costs $35.99 and can be bought from Amazon here. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have this cool gizmo this shopping season?