Notepad On Windows Is Finally Getting A Big New Feature

Microsoft has been enhancing its Notepad app on Windows 11, introducing a character count feature in the Canary channel test version. Similar to Microsoft Word’s word count, the status bar now displays the character count for selected text and the entire document. If no text is selected, the character count for the entire document is visible, providing a comprehensive view of document length.

“When text is selected, the status bar shows the character count for both the selected text and the entire document,” explains Microsoft’s Windows Insider team in a blog post. “If no text is selected, the character count for the entire document is displayed, ensuring you always have a clear view of your document’s length.”

This addition is part of ongoing improvements to Notepad, including a new autosave option allowing users to close the app without constant save prompts. Other recent enhancements include the addition of tabs, a dark mode, and even a virtual fidget spinner.

In the latest Windows 11 test build, the widgets section of the operating system is also receiving upgrades. Users will soon have the option to show widgets while hiding the feed of news and articles within the widgets screen. This customization is welcomed by users who often find the feed filled with low-quality news articles and unwanted content.

While these features are currently in the testing phase, Microsoft may make adjustments before the official release. However, users can anticipate these changes to become available to all Windows 11 users in early 2024. Overall, these updates aim to enhance the user experience by providing more features and customization options within the Windows 11 environment.

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