This Is Why You Should Not Believe Everything You See On TV


It is fun to see behind-the-scene videos of visual effect experts spending so much time and efforts to turn that boring green screen into an amazing movie shot. But hardware is now available to fake a video in real time. Makes one wonder if there is anything real anymore that we see on TV or not.

Before the visualization starts, the set is installed with a green screen, a motion tracking camera and some custom computer hardware that enables the directors to see the performer interacting with the virtual environment while everyone is still recording on the set. A lot of expensive gear is been used here, however, this one-time investment will become cheaper in the long-run. This avoids the need to do reshoots and extensive post-production.

Apart from movie making, this setup can also be used for TV news and kids shows. Networks can save themselves a huge sum of money if they install a single green sheet in the background and get the camera equipment once. With that one background, they can create several videos and shows, with varying backdrops.

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