North Korea Just Tested A Tsunami-Causing Underwater Drone

North Korea apparently tested an underwater drone with nuclear powers, according to the state-owned Korea Central News Agency (KCNA). However, the report didn’t provide exact details on when the test happened, making experts doubtful because North Korea often talks about fancy weapons without proof. Tensions are rising in the area, with North Korea not happy about Japan and the US being close to its waters. They called recent naval exercises by the three nations near Jeju Island “provocative.”

The alleged weapon in question is an underwater drone named Haeil-5-23, designed to utilize an underwater nuclear explosion to generate a radioactive wave. The test was supposedly conducted by the Underwater Weapon System Institute, operating under the DPRK Academy of Defence Science, in the East Sea of Korea. North Korea claims to have tested the system twice last year and showcased it during a military parade. The KCNA press release emphasized the country’s commitment to deterrence and regional security.

Despite North Korea’s assertions, no evidence of the tests has been presented, and experts remain cautious about the country’s ability to deploy such technology. Meanwhile, North Korea is strengthening its ties with Russia for “strategic and tactical cooperation,” raising concerns in the international community. The US accuses North Korea of supplying arms to Russia in exchange for nuclear technology, heightening fears of increased regional threats.

In response to perceived confrontational moves by the US, North Korea has instructed its armed forces, munitions industry, and civil defense sectors to expedite preparations. The country views the recent naval exercises as a threat to security. Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, recently declared an end to seeking reconciliation and reunification with South Korea. This departure from the goal of reunification, established after the Korean War truce in 1953, marks a significant shift in North Korea’s stance.

The leadership in Pyongyang has also called for the destruction of a monument, constructed by Kim Jong Un’s late father, symbolizing hopes for Korean peninsula reunification. Additionally, North Korea has exhibited increased aggression, claiming successful weapons tests and adopting a confrontational stance toward its neighbors and the US. The situation remains tense, with experts warning of further escalations in the future.

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