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Noke Is A New Padlock That Relies On Bluetooth To Lock And Unlock

Noke – The Padlock that Relies on Bluetooth4

Say hello to world’s first Bluetooth padlock that comes from FUZ Designs, a company based in Utah, USA. The gadget has been named ‘Noke’ and is pronounced as ‘no-key’ owing to the fact that you don’t require a key to unlock the lock. It unlocks upon recognizing the Bluetooth signal from the approved user’s smartphone.

User needs to simply tap the shackle once and the gadget wakes up from sleep and searches for Bluetooth 4.0 signal within a 3-meter range. Upon detecting the specific unlocking signal that is being transmitted from the user’s smartphone, it unlocks. It locks again automatically once the signal is out of range.

FUZ Design team says that there are a number of advantages if you move to Bluetooth instead of a key as you never have to worry about losing a key ever again or forgetting the combination. In case you forgot your smartphone or if it runs of out of battery, you can simply unlock Noke by tapping the shackles in a pattern similar to Morse Code that is unique to each Noke.

By making use of the companion app (that is available for both; iOS and Android) the user can grant access to other person’s smartphones; this access can be full-time, one time or maybe scheduled. This will prove handy when family members or co-worders need to make use of an item that has been locked. The gadget is capable of identifying the user via the app once the battery starts running out, however, that may happen once a year only. Even if the battery does run out, it can be replaced while the lock is in place. The gadget is made from boron and hardened steel and is water-resistant.

FUZ Design is currently busy raising funds for the Noke on Kickstarter and a pledge of $59 will warrant you a unit. The retail price will be $89.