Nobel Laureate Says AI Will Crush Humans

AI will crush humans in a one-sided battle where we won’t even stand a chance.

Artificial Intelligence based on algorithms has already overridden humans in many walks of life, taking human roles for the first part. This along with threats it brings along is common knowledge.

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman’s interview was published by The Guardian. Concerning the debate whether AI is a tool of convenience or would take over humans, his take was quite straightforward and stated that humans are going to get creamed.

“Clearly AI is going to win against human intelligence. It’s not even close,” Kahneman told the paper. “How people are going to adjust to this is a fascinating problem.”

Why consider Kahneman’s statement and mark it as something significant? Because his earlier work has received greater appreciation by the audience including his book “Thinking Fast and Slow” of which two million copies were sold worldwide. The book is one of the most influential tomes in the behavioral economics category and explains human thought processes, and reasons why do we think the way we think.

The guy won a Nobel Prize for his work which explains how do people logically differentiate between “gains and losses” known as the “Prospect Theory.”

The reason Kahneman thinks we are not prepared for a war with AI is shown by the recent COVID-19 outbreak and how the world has failed till now to control it from worsening. He cited the exponential growth of the virus and said “human minds are essentially unequipped to handle the basic math underlying how something like a COVID outbreak can spiral out of control on a global scale.”

“Exponential phenomena are almost impossible for us to grasp,” he told The Guardian. “We are very experienced in a more or less linear world. And if things are accelerating, they’re usually accelerating within reason. Exponential change as with the spread of the virus is really something else. We’re not equipped for it. It takes a long time to educate intuition.”

Kahneman while on debate against AI was clear of his narrative, that how humans would be crushed by AI if it continues to grow at the rates at which it is progressing now.

Noticing the issue with the human mind at the end of the interview, he said, “There is going to be massive disruption. Technology is developing very rapidly, possibly exponentially. But people are linear. When linear people are faced with exponential change, they’re not going to be able to adapt to that very easily.”  

Adding up, he said, “There are rather frightening scenarios when you’re talking about leadership. Once it’s demonstrably true that you can have an AI that has a far better business judgment, say, what will that do to human leadership?”

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