This Why No Production Car Has Ever Reached The 300 Mph Speed

Many of us have that adventurous streak that makes us push our cars to the maximum limits. If you happen to have a highway lane all to yourself, feel fry to try it too. Just remember that there is a legal limit to maximum speed, even if your car is capable of going beyond. It is 85 mph in the US, and only Bulgaria and Poland allow you to go as high as 87 mph on highways.

Your speedometer shows speeds up to even 180 miles an hour, even though it is illegal, here is why. In reality, most cars will not even reach the speeds beyond 130 mph.

The luxury sports cars and supercars are designed for much higher speeds, but even those have not gone beyond 300 mph. Ever wondered why? If you have, the video below from Engineering Explained answers the question:

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