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Nival Is A Palm-Sized Device That Turns Any Bucket Into A Washing Machine


[Image courtesy of Nival/IndieGoGo]

We all have to face the terrible laundry problems during our travels. It’s either stuffing a load of clothes into our bags or paying for the laundry services at our travel spot. Either way, it is a huge hassle and it is a problem that we have almost succumbed and resigned to!

But we should have known better that there are people out there who never settle on anything. So in comes Nival, a hand-held washing solution that looks to alleviate your travel clothes crisis.

[Image courtesy of Nival/IndieGoGo]
This palm-sized device uses transducers to generate high-pressure vibrations and can turn any bucket, sink or basket filled with water into a washer. These high-pressure waves are produced at handwashing rate, and the generated bubbles inside the soap water mixture bounce around to penetrate the fibres of your clothes and remove any dirt or stains off a complete load of clothing in 30 to 40 minutes. 

[Image courtesy of Nival/IndieGoGo]
The creator of Nival claim that the small frame can save up to 50 percent of water, energy, money and time. The device is comparable to a computer mouse in appearance and size and can be powered by plugging into a USB port attachment. Simply soak in your clothes into a water-filled vessel, put Nival effervescent tablets in it, and soak the Nival device inside the mixture. It is as simple as that!

[Image courtesy of Nival/IndieGoGo]
The device saves you the precious vacation time wasted on hand washing the clothes, and the trouble of carrying a huge load of clothes everywhere you go. Nival can be supported on its IndieGoGo page just for $79 USD, which will make you entitled to get your piece at nearly 40 percent off the market value. The package also comes with ten effervescent cleansing tablets and a one year warranty.

But you will have to wait until April 2017 to get your hands on the device.

What are your thoughts on this amazing cloth washing contraption? Comment below!

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