Nissan Unveils Self-Parking Slippers That Can Move Around By Themselves

Nissan is working on its own technology for self-driving vehicles and it is known as ProPilot. Before launching the fully autonomous vehicles, Nissan is testing the technology on everyday conventional items. One such example is the use of ProPilot technology in slippers to make them self-driving when not in use.

(Source: New Atlas)

The Japanese automakers are testing this out in a Japanese inn known as a ryokan. A ryokan typically includes accommodation styles with low tables and floor cushions for seating. It also includes slippers for guests. At the ProPilot Park Ryokan, not only the slippers but the tables and cushions are also fitted with a special version of the ProPilot tech.

(Source: New Atlas)

When the guests have finished using them, they can press a button on the wall which will signal the furniture and slippers to return to their designated storage spots. Nissan is having a competition on Twitter where the winners would get a free night at the ProPilot Park Ryokan in Hakone Japan.

(Source: New Atlas)

You can learn the details in the video below:


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