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Nissan Bought This 1996 Maxima From Craigslist And Restored It To New In 6 Months

Bought From Craigslist and Restored by Nissan – The Nissan '96 Maxima 2

Luke Aker, a filmmaker, put his ’96 Nissan Maxima on Craigslist and then promoted it by making a promotional video similar to a luxury car commercial last year. The video went viral and resulted in almost 2 million Youtube hits ever since it was uploaded. The response was so great that even Nissan took notice and bought the car.

Nissan asked the fans what they wanted to be done with the car and the response was; Restore it! Now you can’t say ‘no’ to the people, can you? So Nissan went ahead and restored it and asked Luke to make another commercial for the restored car as well. The restoration took Nissan about 6 months and the follow-up video is as good as the first one.

The car has been put on display at Nissan’s HQ located in Nashville where interested fans can go and check it out! Check out the video below for more details: