Nipi Cooler Can Store Ice For Six Days And Power Your Gadgets


It is true that the advent of smartphones and technology have changed the very basic nature of human needs. What was the pyramid of human needs from primary to secondary has now been altered and battery and wi-fi have taken the root as shown below:


But still, we aren’t cyborgs as of yet, so we still need petty human requirements for survival too, among which is a nice cold can of soda or water bottle. The inventors of Nipi had these changing paradigms in mind when they designed this curious gadget that can store ice in a stable form for six days and also give power to our range of devices on the go. It might be the ultimate survival tool ever in the 21st century!

There have been many other coolers for survival in the current market with many of them offering cooling from the power of solar cells. However, Nipi doesn’t use electrical power to keep ice in its original form. It has a double insulated lid and thick walls that can prevent the majority of heat transfer for an extended period. It has enough space to carry around 70 cans so that it will be enough for a long walk on the road!


It has solar panels too, but the purpose of solar panels here is to have a dedicated power supply for the devices we will be having along with us. Each of them provides six Watts of peak power and provide the power needed for the lighting system inside and outside as well as the gadgets. There are various configurations available for the panels to be set up. They can be set up atop the cooler or away if needed be. There is also a provision to attach additional panels for some extra generation.


The cooler has a 14,000 mAh battery with a second one available for additional payment. It takes seven hours with mains electricity to charge itself and roughly the same amount with solar if optimum conditions persist. SunPower cells are used hat have the best conversion rates in the whole world. There are two external USB ports for charging or powering devices like smartphones and speakers. It also has a lockable storage space for gadgets, and further two ports are present inside it. It is typically meant for storing smartphones, tablets and cameras. The battery is enough to charge a single smartphone seven times over. It also comes with a cup holder and cutting board. It has massive wheels attached for locomotion, and they work on every kind of surface from gravel to smooth roads. The overall lightweight designs make it easy to move around.

Nipi cooler2

It is subject to a Kickstarter campaign at the moment. At 195$ you can get a single battery 14,000 mAh battery. An extra one will cost 49 $ more. Shipping is expected to begin in Match 2016 if all goes well!

See the Kickstarter pitch below and see if it’s worth it all:

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