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Nintendo Is Releasing A Miniature NES With 30 Built-In Games

[Image Courtesy of Nintendo]

Buckle up Nintendo fanatics; The company has heeded our pleads and is about to re-release the Nintendo Entertainment System games that we used to play in our younger days! The classic console which will be hardcoded with the games is called the NES Classic Edition and has caught the attention of every vintage games lover.

The console is open for preorder here. It only costs $60 and is so small that it will fit in the palm of your hand.

[Image Courtesy of Nintendo]
They have included 30 NES games, like the all famous Super Mario Bros. Metroid, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Kirby’s Adventure. And unlike the old days, you don’t have to buy additional cartridges as all the games are built right into the hardware.

But you can’t use your classic NES cartridges with the new system, neither you will be able to use your original NES gamepad with it. The console will come with its own version of the old gamepad with similar looks as the ones in the olden days. For two-player games, Nintendo a second NES Classic Controller is available for an additional $10.

The games have been recreated to allow the user to play in multiple styles. The Classic Edition will display the games in original 4:3 resolution or CRT Mode, which is sure give you an overdose of nostalgia.

But unlike the old NES system, you will be able to suspend the game during play rather than stare at a pause screen, and you can utilise four save slots per game.

Here’s an entire list of the 30 games available on the console:

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