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Nike Launches The Next Generation Of Its Self-Lacing Sneakers

Nike has finally launched the next generation of its self-lacing sneakers! If you are among those who are always looking to upgrade their shoe collection, then a pair of HyperAdapt sneakers, Adapt BB, and the Nike Mags are for you!

For those of you who are not actively keeping track of shoes, the Nike Air Mag is considered to be among the highly coveted and culturally critical sneakers ever manufactured. It originally appeared in the Back to the Future franchise. However, it was only after about two decades that the shoe finally made it to the market.

The technology has become the foundation for a number of modern sneakers including the likes of the latest Adapt BB. The shoes have been designed by Tinker Hatfield and promise to provide you with a premium fit by making use of the self-lacing technology.

Nike says in a press release about the shoes, ‘Getting the right fit from a performance shoe is both personal and complicated. Consider basketball: Over the course of a basketball game, the foot can expand almost a half-size during play. A level of fit that feels comfortable at one point might feel constrictive just 24 minutes later.’

The shoe is an embodiment of the present and where the company sees itself and the sneakers in the future. Nike plans to create the ultimate sneaker for the ultimate athlete. Nike’s HyperAdapt sneakers were launched with a modern version of the self-lacing technology, however; they were still tough to get, and the price was quite high.

This makes Adapt BB extra special; the shoe features identical design language and technology that was included in the previously mentioned shoes; however, the Adapt BB has been updated for the mass market and modern times.

With the Adapt BB, the idea was to come up with a design that understands the needs of a professional athlete and is capable of adjusting in real-time according to these needs. So, these are not only geared for performance but also work to safeguard the foot’s health. The Nike Adapt BB is always learning about your foot make sure that it remains snugly fitted and secured thus helping you perform well.

The Nike Adapt BB can be loosened or tightened around your foot thanks to the power laces. The shoes feature a small engine in the midsole that pulls the laces for tightening the Flyknit and quad-axial mesh upper.

The Nike Adapt BB also feature FitAdapt technology thus allowing it to be controlled via smartphone. You can also make use of your smartphone for adjusting the lights affixed on the bottom of your shoe for adding a bit of flair to your shoes. The Adapt BB can be charged wirelessly, and the battery lasts for 10-14 days.

The sneaker will be made available during the All-Star Weekend (February 17) with a price tag of $350.

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