New Yorkers Are Wearing Dyson’s $1,000 ‘Air Purifying’ Mask-Cum-Headphones In The Haze

As wildfires devastate eastern Canada, engulfing New York City in a burning mist, residents have turned to Dyson’s $1,000 headphones as a potential solution to cope with the smog. However, on TikTok, doubts have emerged regarding the headphones’ effectiveness in combating the thick smog.

According to Dyson, their “Dyson Zone” headphones aim to address the challenges of city noise and air pollution. The headphones feature detachable over-the-mouth visors and are equipped with “electrostatic media filters” capable of removing particles as small as 0.1 microns, claiming a filtration efficiency of 99%.

The Dyson Zone headphones are available in two variants: one priced at $949.99 with five accessories, and the other at $999.99 with eight accessories.

TikTok users from New York City have taken to the platform to showcase their Dyson Zone headphones, with one user, Eric Goldie, describing the experience as “wearing clean air” and stating that every New Yorker should own them. However, other users have raised concerns about the effectiveness of the headphones’ filtration system. Some users questioned whether the visor provided a proper seal akin to N95 masks used in personal protective equipment, raising doubts about potential exposure to unfiltered air.

Another TikTok user, Kate Kozuch, shared her experience of being mocked for wearing the Dyson Zone headphones but expressed her determination to continue using them in the apocalyptic-looking New York City.

While some TikTok users express skepticism about the filtration capabilities of the headphones and argue that regular surgical masks are more effective, New York authorities have advised residents to limit outdoor activity and wear high-quality masks such as N95 or KN95, especially for older adults or those with heart or respiratory issues.

The debate regarding the efficacy of Dyson’s headphones in combating New York City’s smog continues. As the city grapples with air pollution concerns, residents seek solutions that genuinely safeguard their health and well-being.

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