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New York To Get Two Dancing Residential Skyscrapers

Brooklyn, New York City, will be witnessing the commencing of construction of two peculiar looking residential towers in August this year. The project has been named The Greenpoint Landing. The towers have been designed by OMA and have been likened to partners that are dancing. They feature a blocky design that is aimed at maximizing the views that the towers have to offer to the residents.

The Greenpoint Landing project is being headed by OMA’s Jason Long and shall be developed by Brookfield Properties. The towers will be constructed at the Brooklyn’s Greenpoint waterfront that is being widened at the moment. The project features a North Tower that will rise to a height of 91 meters and a South Tower that will rise to 121 meters. The dancing reference reminds us of the SHoP’s American Copper Buildings.

The South Tower widens as it rises and the North Tower narrows. As per OMA, this is not only for the sake of aesthetics but has been done so for the sake of practicality. The odd shape, reportedly, has been designed in order to maximize the daylight while allowing views of the Manhattan Skyline.

OMA while speaking about the Greenpoint Landing project, said, ‘Like two dancers, the towers simultaneously lean into and away from one another. The taller tower widens toward the east as it rises, maximizing views and creating a dramatic face to the neighborhood and beyond. Its partner steps back from the waterfront to create a series of large terraces, widening toward the ground and the new waterfront park to the North. A ziggurat and its inverse, the pair are intimately linked by the void between them.’

The interior of the Greenpoint Landing project will mostly feature residential space. A total of 745 units, as per OMA, and about 30 percent of them will be ‘affordable.’ The project will also feature retail space and parking while also providing 2.5 acres of landscaped public space located along the shoreline. That’s not all though; the towers will be joined using a sky bridge that will have a swimming pool and a fitness center.