New Grove Towers In Mumbai Will Clean City’s Air


An ambitious project in Mumbai that comprises two large sustainable mixed-use residential towers has been taken on by Danish architectural firm, 3XN. The amazing concept features an attractive intertwined design that is reminiscent of entangled trees, which is a big hint as to the towers’ function.


The Grove Towers will act like trees due to the abundant vertical gardens within these towers, which will clean Mumbai’s air. The project includes retail areas in the lower floors, which give way to mixed-use spaces before the towers rise and narrow into residential apartments. The towers have a total of 273 apartments, each with at least two different views, most of which look to the north and west.



The lower floors join together in a way, which gives the appearance of intertwining roots of the mangrove trees native to the general area. Both towers are 136 meters high and contain a total of 77,000 sq m floorspace spread over 38 stories. The unique towers will sport a novel facade that’s said to reduce direct solar heat gain while maximizing natural ventilation.

grove_towers_mumbai-0 grove_towers_mumbai-1

The lower sections of the towers will contain over 2,500 sq m of vertical gardens, which are aimed to lower the local CO2 levels in Mumbai and clean the air around the tower. 3XN is hoping to receive the LEED Gold standard of energy certification once the project is completed in 2017.



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