New World Record Set By 1,300 Drones Performing In The Sky

Intel set the world record with its 1,218 drone performance at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. That record has been broken in the city of Xi’an, Capital China’s Shaanxi Province by a 13-minute performance that spanned over a kilometer and broke Intel’s Guinness World Record by 156 drones.

(Source: YouTube)

1,374 drones were used for the performance in China and each drone was of the quadcopter variety and remained in the air for at least one minute. The drones were controlled using Ehang Egret’s drone coordination software and were equipped for a light show. The software is called Drone Formation Flight and is offered by the company for publicity and branding needs.

(Source: Dunya News)

16 different 3D images were formed by the drones. The number of drones was kept 1374 in order to honor the 13.74-kilometer wall of Xi’an from which the drones took flight. Some of the drones broke formation and fell to the ground towards the end of the performance.

You can check out the record-breaking performance in the video below:

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