New Washing Machines That Can Be Operated By Dogs

Woof – Wash - Chill 3

Woof – Wash - Chill 2A dog is man’s best friend. We’ve all heard this saying and have seen proofs as well. Our today’s article is focused on technology that relies on dogs to help humans out. Ever heard about service dogs? They are trained to make lives of individuals better and assist them in routine chores. Some of the tasks which these service dogs can accomplish are astounding.

Woof – Wash - ChillGenerally, these service dogs are trained to be able to strip beds, remove clothes from machines and can fill laundry baskets. This is where the problem lies; they can fill up laundry baskets but they can’t turn on the machine for you. The knobs and buttons are designed while keeping humans in mind and therefore service dogs can’t operate them. This is what led John Middleton of JTM, an inventor, to come up with this innovation that will allow service dogs to turn on machine. How? It’s simple; the dog need only bark for the machine to get into action.

JTM is a United Kingdom based firm which deals with home appliances. This new design of washing machine is being termed as; ‘Woof to Wash Washing Machine’. Other than the bark option to turn on the machine, a button has been included which can be pushed via paw to open up the door and your dog can take out the clothes once the washing is complete. Machine has one cycle only and is capable of making use of right amount of detergent as well.

Woof – Wash - Chill 4As of now, the company only possesses a prototype of this design. Development is being carried out in collaboration with ‘Miele’. There has been no announcement as to time when it will be made available commercially. Till then, lets keep our fingers crossed!

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