New Video Shows A Robot With Frighteningly Realistic Facial Expressions

Scientists and researchers are making breakthroughs in robotics, and it is only a matter of time before we are surrounded by robots. A UK-based robotics company, Engineered Arts has achieved a similar milestone. The company just released the footage of a new humanoid robot that can put on some eerily realistic facial expressions.

teaser video was released that exhibits the grey-faced robot waking up, distorting its face into a grimace of shock, and then examining its hands in disbelief. This is something that has not been seen before and it has definitely raised intrigue and a buzz around the market.

The robot ends its act with a knowing “I got you” grin. This showed that it was successful in pranking humans to think that he was acquiring self-awareness.

This is a unique and giant leap in the field of robotics. It only paints a picture for the future that how advanced they can be and what are the future possibilities of robotics.

Engineered Arts sees the platform, called Ameca, as a “platform for development into future robotics technologies,” according to its website.

The objective of the robot’s development is to thoroughly study the human-robot interaction along with the robot’s facial expressions that are quite vivid and life-like.

The robot will be available commercially and could be bought by people. It will also have an option to be rented. However, the price of the purchase or rent has not been disclosed yet.

You might think that Ameca is a full-fledged human-like robot now, but it is only adept in conveying expressions from the face. It has yet to have legs and cannot walk as of now.

“However, Ameca is a modular robot, we plan on upgrading [its] abilities over time so one day, Ameca will walk,” the company’s website reads.

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