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New Ultracapacitors Are Moving Towards Mass-Production

Nawa, a french company, has recently unveiled its new line of ultracapacitors. Nawa’s ultracapacitors can be charged instantaneously and provide a humongous power density. They are ready to make an impact on the many industries ranging from automotive to aviation and even power tools. The French company has raised more than $10 million and is now moving towards mass production of its ultracapacitors.

The ultracapacitors from NAWA provide a unique alternative to the famous lithium battery systems. When you compare them both in terms of charging or discharging; the ultracapacitors from Nawa are absolutely the best. They are capable of charging and discharging at exceptionally fast rates. They can achieve full charge within 20 seconds and can provide huge power much quicker.

The energy density is not too great when compared with batteries, however. The ultracapacitors from Nawa are capable of storing only about 1/4th of the power that lithium units can for any given volume. However, as opposed to other ultracapacitors that are available; the carbon nanotube structure is capable of cramming up to five times more energy in them. As you can deduce, the Nawa’s ultracapacitors are not practical for long-term storage since they will leak about 10-20 per cent of their charge per day, they are great when it comes to the number of cycles and durability; they can survive a million cycles and are extraordinarily durable over a variety of temperatures and environments.

Nawa has a roadmap ready for getting its ultracapacitors to move into mass production phase within the next twelve months. Nawa is installing a production line to its facility in Aix-en Provence, France, thanks to the $10 million funding that it has been able to procure from new and existing investors. The said production line will begin operation later this year will be creating 100,000 cells per month. According to the company, the ultracapacitor market is around %560 million as of now but will be growing by about 400-600% within the next five years.

Nawa will be focusing first on the manufacturing segment where it will be using the ultracapacitors for powering hand tools and the automatic guided vehicles for warehouses. It will effectively remove the charging downtime while providing decades of usage without any energy or power fade. Once it makes its way into the industry, the ultracapacitor by Nawa should also revolutionize the transport industry with its amazing features.