New Theory About Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Is Very Simple And Believable


It has been well over a week since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared and everyday we see new theories that try to explain how the plane vanished without a trace and without any reported problems onboard. Everything from terrorism, to hijacking to a collision with meteors has been speculated all over the news and the internet. But maybe what happened is a lot simpler than all of the drama portrayed over the media.

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Everyone is familiar with the story of MH370 by now. The Boeing 777 that disappeared with 239 people on board, heading from Kuala Lampur to Beijing, without so much as a peep from the pilots or crew. The plane disappeared somewhere in the gulf near Vietnam and the last time it was detected, was by a military radar that picked up the plane going southwest into the Strait of Malacca.

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This last piece of information may just be the key in finding out what happened to flight MH370. All pilots are constantly aware of the nearest airport with respect to the plane’s location and they are all prepared beforehand if anything goes wrong. Any time spent thinking of what to do next is time wasted in the eyes of the pilot. The nearest airport in the direction toward the plane was last pointed towards a 13,000 foot airstrip in Palau Langkawi. The route to the airport had much friendlier terrain than the 8,000 foot ridges on the way back to Kuala Lampur.


The pilot did all the right things by turning the plane towards the safest, nearest airport. As for what made the plane’s transponders and communications systems stop working, an electric fire is the most possible culprit. This possibility is backed by the fact that it was not reported instantly because of the pilot’s training which teaches them to aviate, navigate and lastly, communicate.

However, an electric fire is one of the possibilities that could have caused mayhem with a burning tire from the landing gear also a probable cause for chaos on board the plane. If the tires weren’t properly inflated, they could burst and catch fire during the take off with the high temperatures at the time. The tires could continue burning even when pulled up into the plane and the smoke could pollute the deck and cockpit, causing disorder and distress. Despite oxygen masks and smoke hoods, the pilots and crew could have been overcome by the smoke and the plane could have continued on the projected route on autopilot and eventually, ran out of fuel.


The last voice transmission also did not reveal any danger on board the plane and pilots could signal for help in even the most subtle ways (for example, three simple short clicks over the radio). This reduces the chance for a hijacking to be the cause of the disappearance. Also, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) had stopped operating some time before the plane disappeared completely. The ACARS are difficult to disable intentionally, but could have easily been damaged by an electric fire.

The reported variations in the plane’s altitude also favor the electric fire theory more and discredit the hijacking theory. With a fire on board the captain may have went to high altitudes in an attempt to extinguish the flames from low oxygen levels and then when that didn’t work he could have went into a dive to extinguish them by force. This is all an acceptable scenario in any pilot’s mind. Going to 45,000 feet in a hijack scenario does not make any sense, especially when fuel is limited.

Malaysian MH370

As for the flight time, the plane would most likely have enough fuel for an eight hour flight, at least. A quarter of this would be burned off during take-off and the climb to reach cruising altitude. This would mean that the plane would have six hours of fuel left which fits well with reports of the plane pinging to satellites for about the same time after its disappearance. This would further back the theory that the crew was incapacitated by the smoke caused by either an electric fire or the fire from the landing gear.

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So before any further attempts are made to blame the pilots or any other criminal organization, we should look towards the most reasonable explanation for the chain of events which led to the disappearance of flight MH370. Yes, an electric fire is not as sensational as a hijacking or murder/suicide theory, but it is more closer to the truth than anything out in the news right now. What are your comments on this theory? Let us know in comments!



  1. umer Reply

    I think this theory might be wrong…..truth is something else u can’t rule out american agencies behind it….I still believe strongly that somebody knows the each and every fact abt this aircraft missing…….wait for only 7 days

  2. Vij Reply

    Good theory. No need to blame the pilot. He might have done everything possible.

  3. Qais Reply

    I think this theory doesn’t make any sense because if fire situation did happen, a pilot can not continue his journey without fix it, and if it was happen during take off, for how long a pilot try to overcome the situation he then definitely report the situation that if anything goes wrong or to make rescue alert for help. I am totally disagree with this theory

  4. Elly Reply

    Bogus theory… in the end… the question mark is still there…. where the hell did plane went without a trace??? if it crashed then where the hell it did???

  5. smit Reply

    despite of any mishaps over plane , the plane would have crashed and the debris be founded.
    nothing is found something like this.
    Then comes the scenario that plane was in fine condition to fly (whether hijacked or anything) it needs FUEL
    where did it landed for re fueling?
    any preplanned scenario?

  6. Zahid Saeed Reply

    Theory is good but where is the plane gone after catching fire? Must be somewhere?

  7. Demon Reply

    The Plane is gone, shifted into a different Dimension. I already communicated to all the passengers and they are back with there family on another dimensional reality.

  8. Asif Masood Reply

    I can’t believe that in the modern age of technology, we have lost a passenger plane with 239 souls. With satellites, cell phone tracking, and even by searching the plane on its path we can find it. It’s hard to believe they don’t know anything about the plane.

  9. Jeff L Reply

    With the latest technology of the plane do you think that they (pilots, crew, etc.) do not know that “tires” could take the plane down? Also, I would like to ask if satellites from outer space can’t find the plane or they do have news blackout?

  10. zybertronix Reply

    One good explanation is hijacking. As suspected,.. it will hijack the plane and use its aircraft for future terrosim attack. Dissapeared ? Coz terrorist now is more inteligent and they execute the plan very well or one way around, it may have something to do with the US tried to intercept , before it goes or falls to the wrong hand. Since they are all aware or got the intel first. And have to make it dissapeared for no trace ( they can actualy do that) , so there will be no public or media news that can result to public fear and economic fall.

    … Just finished watching (The Sum of All Fears) the movie

  11. Jacqueline Reply

    I have a very strange feeling about this . I hope the sighted debris is from the missing plane and will start to bring some closure to the families of those on board . But for so many countries to be involved in the search , i can’t help thinking there is much more to this than we could ever imagine.

  12. AKHTAR ALI Reply


  13. Mike Reply

    This plane could well be used as a flying bomb with human shield hostages. Some government will have to authorise the shooting down of the plane, you can only imagine the following outcome !

  14. Dave Reply

    I think in the end it will have been one of two things. A fire or a catastrophic decompression. Both or one of these will be the most likely cause. Not hijackers not military and certainly not aliens.

  15. raz Reply

    it’s a graet theory but you can’t say it’s the closest theory to the truth because you don’t know the truth.

  16. zohaib ahmed Reply

    or they should aslo move another plane on the same path of missing plane to knows the reasons

  17. zohaib ahmed Reply

    i think investing team should trase the mobiles of travellers to know there locations ….if the phones are out of singnals so it can be tracked by …imei number mentioned on the phone pack …so they so ask there relatives to bring the packing box or phones to investing team to make them track ..

  18. Owais Reply

    The black box must have been tracked even in case of worst accident. As it has not been tracked yet, so there seem to be a possibility of some evil intelligence behind this disappearance, the plane must have been hijacked and hidden I guess.

  19. Yash Reply

    Why they are not finding plane by IMEI NO. of any passenger’s mobile .???

  20. Mario S Reply

    With all modern Technology, when the big brother can Monitor which brand I smoke in my WC, NON satellite could find a giant plane as a boing 777for almost 10 days. Hard to believe
    Why 2 USAF AWACS went to the area? These are certainly not resque airplanes. Their Mission, is to electric jam and block electric signals. How this helps resque? I cant find an answer.

  21. Muhammad Ali Reply

    Then where has the debris of the plane gone? If transponder was not working then how itvnavished from the radar when it was still flying for 6 hours

  22. lippy Reply

    I thought all communications and radar stuff had been turned off manually?

  23. Shawn Reply

    This is a Boeing 777, it has fire indicators everywhere (including the wheel well). They would have know a fire was going on within minutes (or seconds) of take off.

    • lippy Reply

      black box is still in the plane. you can only examine it once youve found it but it will provide all the answers if it is found.

  24. Pl Rooseboom Reply

    My biggest concern is about local defense (army) “non-action”.

    What I mean is why the didn t send any other military plane to check why a plane is going out of its fly plan? Here in america, 10 minutes after any “wierd” situation occurs, 2 CF18 are launch and get to the plane… They start asking question 2 days after there… Why the hell they install radar if anybody with an unidentify 777 can pass trough without any problems? It makes no sense to me and don t buy this acbording to the actual level of technologie. This theorie seems to be the most logical for now, because there is no clue of this, it s not really better than any other one, but seems that s the less fantasist.
    Sorry for my mistakes, I don t use english every day.

    • TalkIzCheap Reply

      I read in one report that since the MH flew on the normal commercial route (even after it discourse) and since it didn’t posed any military threat (the military radar somehow detect it as commercial B777 or something to that effect), therefore not much attention was put at the initial detection. That’s also explain why did the military were ‘late’ in response to report the finding as they don’t think, at first, this has anything to do with the case…

      Bear in mind, Malaysian air corridor isn’t a hot spot for military action/issues therefore there were rarely a need to check any ‘suspicious plane’ on the commercial air route…

  25. joseph doong Reply

    I have watch some of the most tragic lost of planes in YouTube and yes i believe its a fire and a possibility that fire has reach the electrical circuits of the plane the same thing happened before to the pan-am I guess correct me if im wrong and when fire is on the plane the pilot lost all types of communication does worsen the situation and the pilot will order passengers to fast in seatbelt because the pilot will hurry back to the nearest airport

  26. haseeb Reply

    If wheel catches fire it will happenes only landing when breaks applied to stop it. If we suppose it happen during takeoff then how plane continue flying for 3hrs . And in climb n cruise wheels can’t catch fire.

  27. Imaduddin Sawal Reply

    Maverick , the communication systems had been lost so do you think that the call facilities could work ? If they could work , wouldn’t the pilots have called .However Wonderful Engineering one thing still baffles me first why the phones still ring , it means they haven’t been destroyed yet. And why the black box isn’t sending signals if the plane has been destroyed . Theses two things make me think that the plane is till in one piece .

    • Ate Olan Reply

      black box sends signals for close range only.. if you are not in the vicinity of the reckage.. how you’ll get the signal?

  28. Maverick Reply

    Yeah? Nice try but..
    So while the pilot was bouncing the flight up and down at such variations, do you think ALL the passengers would be sitting tight or sleeping peacefully without making calls to anybody? I learnt from one news report that MH 370 indeed had pay-call facility available on board. How do you explain that?

    • Jack Pot Reply

      Passengers onboard may not have find enough time to make a call in the duration when the plane was going up. and then due to high altitude and low oxygen all of the passangers went unconscious as oxygen masks system got out or order too. and then due to this low oxygen all died. These are all theories and assumptions. Will not confirmed untill and unless they find BlackBox.

      • Dontbelievethehype Reply

        First, someone knows what happened to flight MH370 and the same group knows where it is. It would be safe to say that more than half of the 239 people on board had a some sort of mobile device that could have been used once the aircraft descended below FL180 as well as the onboard telephony system built into the aircraft. Something supposedly blocked/jammed the signals.

        Air Route Traffic Control can be spotty in some remote locations but this flight filed a flight plan and was being tracked from the moment it began it’s takeoff roll at Kuala Lumpur. Once airborne it was being monitored by several ARTCC’s such as Singapore WSJC, Bangkok VTBB, Phnom Penh VDPP, Ho Chi Minh VVTS, Kuala Lumpur WMFC and Jakarta WIIF just to name a few. Even when a transponder is turned off these radars continue to tracking which is now an unidentified target. A transponder provides aircraft type, altitude & speed and origin/destination information. The radar beam continues to sweep the sky and pings the aircraft just without the information to positively identify it. With all that said, someone intentionally stopped watching their radar scope. Why they stopped watching is a question the media has failed to ask.

        This aircraft was GPS equipped but they tell us that one, only one GPS satellite was tracking this flight. Nonsense! Pilots are taught in flight school to check Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring(RAIM) to ensure continuity or a good signal from liftoff to arrival. There needs to be a minimum of 4 satellites working this signal from the aircraft to properly triangulate and report the location of this aircraft. Accuracy is normally within a few feet and within an hour of arrival based on the aircraft’s position. This information was programmed into the Flight Management System or FMS and verified before they left the gates at Kuala Lumpur.

        So why are they lying to us? A few days ago on live television a so called expert landed a full motion B777 simulator on a remote island somewhere in the Indian Ocean arena and ran it off the end of the runway. He applied thrust reversers and you could here them activate but he lied about why he had just botched the landing claiming malfunctioning equipment. LOL! A pilot as experienced as the MH370 pilot would have known to slow that plane down just above it’s stall speed, apply the right amount of flaps, set the auto-braking system to just above maximum braking and setup for a short field approach. Give me a triple 7 with the same load and a 5,000 foot runway at least 75ft wide and I’m stopping on that runway with distance to spare.

        People wake up and think! There were 50 Malaysian nationals on board that flight as well. The people have a right to demand an answer because it all hogwash! You don’t have to be an expert to know when someone is deliberately trying to dupe you. There is more to this situation and the news media is afraid to ask the real questions and call this circus what it is………B/S!

    • Raam Reply

      all communication systems hav failed so it is nt possible to make a call

    • Ate Olan Reply

      electrical fire.. goofy.. in this event everything is turned off.. its in the article.. did you read it???

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