New Technology Can Make Leaning Tower of Pisa Straight Again


Ever wondered how they fix those cracks in concrete? Magically, overnight, the cracks are fixed and that too with a very high precision. Let us show you how it works and you’d be amazed without any doubt. The fix is; they use foam. The foam fills in the gaps that are created due to cracks and thus imparts a stability to the foundation. This new technology will one day make the leaning tower of Pisa straight again. The process is wonderful and mesmerizing to watch. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it.


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  1. d.thorkell Reply

    why do you call yourself wonderfulengineering ? do you really think that this method of pumping urethan foam
    into the soil around Pisa Tower will correct it’s leaning position to a perpendicular one ?? Have you newer heard of anything like momentum or fulcrum and the way it works. So you wanna pump some liquid urethan up against the leaning well ( on the sloping site I guess ) … Then just pump it in fellows …! I mean the friggen tower looks like a limp d..k on an ad-bait jerk … lets put some life into that old bastard …. Then we can all sit around a campfire and play a guitar and you can stuff yourself up with mars mellows while your spouse is getting hammered by a real engineer downtown Pisa ….!

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