New Technology Allows You To Pair Your Rifle To Google Glass and Shoot Around Corners


We remember a smart aiming rifle that was introduced by Trackingpoint in not so distant past and was capable of aiming automatically for the user. All that the user had to do was to tag the target and the aiming would be done autonomously. According to the company, the user was guaranteed to hit the target every single time. However, it seems as if the company was not very pleased with this technology and decided to bring more to the user.Shotview 7 Shotview 4 Shotview 3

Their recent invention will allow you to see around corners, take aim and fire. The folks at the Trackingpoint are calling it Shotview and the system is capable of pairing your smart rifle to your phone, tablet or Google Glass. This results in combining your sight and what the rifle’s barrel is pointing at. All this streaming is carried out in real time.

Shotview 5

Shotview 6

So how does this work? The process is quite simple actually; you will need to select your scope as your Wi-Fi server and switch on your Shotview app. You will right away, get a stream of what your rifle’s barrel is pointed at. Throw in some practice and soon you will be firing from around the corner without exposing yourself. Shotview 2We wonder how long it will take before US military makes a contract for these super technologies that can totally change the battlefield. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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