New Survey Reveals That Americans Wear Dirty Masks

Often the fast pace of our daily lives gets the best of us. But it should never become the cause of us neglecting our health and hygiene.

Livinguard conducted an impartial study recently, and the results are pretty shocking, to say the least. It uncovered US citizens’ mask-wearing habits against COVID-19.

According to the survey, a disposable mask that is for one-time use is, in reality, used multiple times by an average of 7 out of 10 Americans. This is a disturbingly large fraction of people and aids in the continuous spread of the virus.

All the masks being manufactured to provide better protection may provide us no benefit if we don’t decide to keep clean ones for ourselves.

Most people think in an economic-wise way, and 46% of them favor reusable cloth masks and wash them daily or after each use. Unfortunately, 43% wash their pieces weekly, whereas 8% don’t even bother to do so at all.

1 in 3 citizens thought that numbers were blown up back in July. The study shows that many people have changed opinions on it now, as the news of a second wave is seemingly becoming a reality.

52% of Americans believe they will continue to wear a face mask even after the pandemic is dealt with, per the recent survey. And 46% of them are still doubtful about the need for a facemask for protection against the virus.

The question hanging in our minds all the time is: will the pandemic completely end? The answer to that is mere speculations and can’t be accurately suggested. But it has definitely forced us to change and reimagine our lives in various ways for times to come.

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