New Study Suggests That COVID-19 Can Still Be Completely Eradicated From The World


The pandemic and its intensity had taken everyone by surprise. The widespread damage that it has caused all over the world could not be anticipated entirely and now it has been two years since the onset of the virus and we are still not done with it. In fact, the virus is continuously mutating and transforming into multiple variants of itself, each more dangerous than the other.

Vaccinations have been circulated throughout the world. However, it is still debated if we just have to live with the virus by developing immunity or if it is possible that the virus vanishes from the face of the earth. There has been a new study recently that has insinuated that the virus could be completely eliminated from the planet.

The study is published in  British Medical Journal Global Health. it has covered the aspects of vaccination and its availability, economic, social, political, and 17 other factors that have the potential to eliminate the virus. It includes the government, management policies, and acceptance of the public to lifestyle changes.

The researchers who have worked dedicatedly on the paper have compared the COVID-19 virus with smallpox and polio. It is concluded in the study that eradicating COVID-19 will be harder than smallpox but easier than polio.

However, there are still some technicalities that need to be considered and taken into account before making such promising and huge conclusions. There is always a series of factors that may not allow the eradication of the virus.

It is going to be an ordeal to combat the virus in the long term. It requires a significant amount of monetary budget, a deep understanding of the social changes needed to be made by the people, and the implementation of right politics. Health systems will need to be improved and vaccinations will have to be distributed on a much larger and wider scale.


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