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New Study Reveals That It Is Better To Be A Software Engineer Than A Doctor

Software Engineers

There is a myriad of careers that one may choose from depending on what they have studied and what they know about. However, the list about the best jobs has undergone some serious changes and well according to a latest survey by US News, you might want to consider a number of other jobs before you decide to become a doctor. The list of 100 best jobs which was published by US News ranked software engineers on the top and we are not surprised at all.

After all, if you take a look around, you will see that software development has become the most hot thing in the recent years. Everything is becoming smart and we are relying on different kinds of softwares to do all kinds of stuff for us. The industry is related to all fields and helps them all; therefore, the news that it is ranked at the top isn’t really surprising. However, if you are considering becoming a doctor based on monetary values; it is ranked number 8.

Moving on, a software engineer on average earns $90,060 while the top 10% of this curve earns $138,880. These stats aren’t just here to reinforce this post; you can cross check them from the Labor Department as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has also made the prediction that there will be vacancies for 140,000 software developers before 2022. Well, all those who are aiming to be software developers; this indeed is a good news.

Second to that is the job of a computer systems analyst which is also known as ‘Data Scientist’ and has already gained quite a name. The key idea for mentioned job is to allow companies to find business insights and opportunities through the superfluous amount of data that is at their disposal.

Data Scientists earn $83,800 (average) with $122,090 being the extreme end. The pay will definitely increase as the demand for this job increases, which is bound to happen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; there will be a 24.5% increase in vacancies for this job by 2022. Oh and according to the list, the top five jobs are;

1.  Software Engineer

2. Computer systems analyst

3. Dentist

4. Nurse practitioner

5. Pharmacist

So which career would you choose and why? Let us know in comments!