Watch 88 Dove Satellites Float Above The Earth After The ISRO Launch

ISRO space launch1

After the record-breaking launch of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which sent 104 satellites into space; the first visuals of 88 of them floating in a magnificent flock were shown in a video on Tuesday.

These 88 Dove satellites were sent by a private Earth-imaging company “Planet,” which utilized a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) provided by the Indian Space Research Organization. Soon after their launch, the rocket’s onboard camera sent a beautiful video of some of the Doves being deployed.

Planet reports that all 88 of their satellites are working correctly, and they will start sending their unique views of the Earth very soon. These 88 Doves, when combined with the 12 other Doves and some other Planet-run satellites already in orbit, will allow the imaging company to capture the entire image of the Earth every day.

This part of the project is to allow Planet to capture and analyze deforestation, agriculture and other large-scale human activity impacts in real-time.


Planet estimates that their new flock of Doves would be running within three months. Mike Safyan, Planet’s director of launch and regulatory affairs, said in an interview before launch,

“If everyday you’re getting an alert where trees are going down where they aren’t allowed to be harvested or cut down, then you can actually go and send someone and do something about it,”

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