New Sony Xperia Z3 Can Last For Two Days On A Single Charge

Sony Xperia Z32

When purchasing a smartphone, the first question we ask is ‘How long does the battery last?’ Well with the new Sony Xperia Z3, the answer is; a whopping two days! Even though manufacturers stretch the truth a bit when it comes to these features, reviews and tests have proven that Sony was telling the truth. Sony Xperia Z34

Sony is the king of battery life when it comes to branded smartphones. After being put to the test, the phone sets a new bar for battery life, even under heavy usage. Making calls, texting, surfing the web, checking social networks, playing games, using the camera, listening to music and streaming video is a typical usage scenario. Under these circumstances the phone lasted for 45 hours. You will be able to push the battery further if you don’t have the brightness cranked up to the max. Sony Xperia Z3

As compared to other smartphones out in the market, Sony has really monopolized the rankings. The new Xperia phones have all the usual specs and features of any Android phone, but the main reason you will want to buy one is for its extraordinary endurance. It’s going up against the iPhone by emphasizing the iPhone’s biggest shortcoming: battery life. Even without activating the Battery Stamina mode which minimizes data transfers to improve endurance even further, the Z3 is by far the longest lasting smartphone to date. Sony Xperia Z33

All in all, Sony has put together an excellent combination of the biggest possible battery, the most efficient processor, and some of the most useful software. Sony says “Consumers demand and deserve greatness from their smartphone – in design, camera, and battery life and that’s precisely what we aim to deliver.” Kudos to you, Sony!

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