New Solar Oven Can Cook Food During The Day And Night Using The Sun’s Energy

Go Sun Grill2

Solar grills are good for picnic parties and leisure trips. But, the main problem associated with them is that they can’t be used in the night, leaving you sweating in the dark for some dry twigs and logs for a fire. The GoSun grill not only reincorporates the modern grill for your use, it can cook food for eight people on solar power during day and night with its thermal battery accessory!

Go Sun Grill

The reinvented grill has a great food-friendly cooking technique. It prevents it from getting burned and keeps all the moisture inside too, giving a delicious touch to your monthly picnic. It is easy to transport, and all you have to do is to set up the grill. No need to light the fire or worry about the intensity of the flame at all.

I particularly like its ability to prevent the food from burning and sucking the fun from the trip altogether. Since it has no requirement of fuel, all it needs is a healthy exposure to sunlight. So you can take it anywhere you want without the need of dragging gas cylinders along. It is completely portable and completely safe. Take it on your yachts, to hitch-hiking, to safaris, wherever you want. Just remember to take your ingredients with you.

Go Sun Grill5

It can retain the heat from the sun for a long time so you can practically use it hours after the Sun has gone down. It has a stainless insulated lid for the protection of the heat, Aluminum trays and soft rubber grips that don’t get too hot to handle. Thank God they got rid of steel ones as they blister the fingers each time they are handled. The grill itself doesn’t pose any risk of burning either as it has a positively cooler feel.

Go Sun Grill7

Overall, in addition to the impressive user-friendly design, the able to retain heat through thermal batteries is a real breakthrough invention. It has resulted in a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign at a special price of 499 $. The regular price is 549$ and delivery is to be expected in 2015. So if you are a thorough outdoor person and a foodie too, GoSun is a must have!

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