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New Series On Youtube Answers All Your Important Questions

Are you among those who are questioning the meaning of life? Do you find yourself unable to sleep because you are busy wondering if we will ever find life on Mar? Or the question of why do we cry is keeping you up at night? If you are among such people, then you should definitely check out the new documentary series ‘Glad You Asked’ on YouTube.

Glad You Asked has been released by Vox Media on YouTube, and it answers questions just like these. Vox Media YouTube Channel decided to satiate the human curiosities in each episode that it uploads. Each episode by Vox Media of Glad You Asked will have the top journalists from Vox Media answering the questions that have been asked a lot on YouTube and other interesting questions.

Vox Media YouTube Channel takes the audience on a ride of experiments and interesting theories for answering the questions that are aimed at explanation of the world in Glad You Asked documentary series. Episodes 1-5 of ‘Glad You Asked’ was released on October 8, and the episodes 6-10 are scheduled to be released on January 8, 2020. YouTube Premium subscribers have access to the first five episodes. This means that you can start watching Glad You Asked right away as well.

The first question tackled by the first episode of Glad You Asked is ‘Will We Survive Mars?’ As per NASA, the humans will be able to set their foot on Mars in the mid-2030s. It has also been said that the particular mission would be the most dangerous mission ever undertaken by humanity. The host of the first episode is Cleo Abram, who tries to find an answer to this question and others, such as what will happen once we have reached Mars? How will we survive?

Do let us know what you think of Glad You Asked once you have seen it!