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Apple Fires An Engineer For Leaking These iPhone 6 Pictures


Apple is all set for the launch of its new iPhone 6 scheduled for 9th September with two variants; one coming with a screen size of 4.7” and the other with a screen size of 5.5”. Some new images have surfaced showing how the iPhone 6 will look like. According to some sources, Apple has fired the engineer who is believed to have leaked the pictures.  The name and identity of the engineer remains confidential due legal issues.

We have been following up on news about iPhone 6 and, therefore, we had to show you new pictures of iPhone 6’s 4.7” version that have surfaced on the web.

Picture credits:

The pictures have been shared by Feld & Volk and the high quality pictures show a rounded design with the tapered edges melding into the rear shell without any seams and resulting in a continuous and elegant curve. We already talked about how the phone’s screen is most probably going to be made of sapphire. Based on pictures above, here are some rendered images to show how the iPhone 6 will look like.


These photos are consistent with some of the technical diagrams leaked earlier

Speculations are also going on about an A8 processor with an improved camera that may or may not support the modular lens along with wireless charging support.

There are also rumors about a heart rate sensor to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the peculiar rumor is about the Lightning cable, that it is going to be reversible at both ends. Sonny Dickson has released pictures of Lightning Cable that is reversible at both ends, thereby allowing the user freedom from frustration of getting the orientation correct before the cable can be plugged in.

Do you like this new design? We would love to hear your thoughts in comments section below.

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