New PhoneDrone Flies Your Smartphone In The Air

phone drone

We hate to pay extra for anything, and many consider cameras in personal remote control drones to be one of these things. If you have the latest series of smartphones with more than 20 Megapixel cameras as well as the ability to edit, upload and share camera capture with ease, you won’t be exactly yearning for a dedicated camera because it will only increase the cost. Many drones now don’t come with cameras and have a vacant space for your camera. PhoneDrone is a new autonomous copter that allows you to use your smartphone’s camera instead. It has seen a successful Kickstarter campaign and all of its targets have been achieved with more than a month to spare.

phone drone

The smart use of the phone’s capability means that the drone is cheaper than alternatives present in the market. It uses the phone’s sensors and a processor for good effect, so the drone is, in fact, being controlled via an app on the smartphone that is to be fitted inside it. The user gives command on the phone and sets up a predetermined path for it to follow. To control it, the user can use another smartphone. The phone is also foldable and extremely handy to carry around in the compact packed form. The inventors of the drone have also introduced a mirror system to boost the performance of the cameras. The strategically placed reflecting surfaces allow the user to take pictures from unique angles that weren’t available before.

phone drone3

The new drone and its app are available on both Android and iOS platforms potentially encompassing a majority of the smartphone market. Even the Apple Watch can be used to control it. It can even use a waterproof cover to avoid damaging it in the event of rain or marshy surfaces. It has achieved its 100,000 $ target on Kickstarter and shipping is expected in September 2016.

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