New Modular Robots By Ez-Robot Promise To Revolutionize Robotics

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Ez-RobotDid we not mention that robots are the next big thing? Also that 3D printing will soon be opening up a number of new doors in every field? Well, here you go! Welcome to Calgary, Canada which is the operating place for Ez-Robot that has vowed to bring a revolution in robotics. They have launched a new line of robots which is a series of essentially three robots that are modular in nature. The robots have mechanics which allow for re-arrangement and interchanging of parts. So yes, one can very well have fun with this.

Ez-Robot 3Named by the company as the “Revolution line”, it comes with three robot kits which includes a rover with the accompanying tracks, a hexapod (six legs and spider) and a humanoid which is basically a two legged robot. Ez-Robot was founded in 2011 and started their operations by manufacturing robot controllers, softwares pertaining to robot control and servo motors. Most of the products produced by Ez-Robot were designed to impart functionality to already present items. For example; they managed to convert radio toys into robots, they also were able to impart intelligence and new sensors to robots such as Roomba and WowWee’s Roboquad.

The current invention is however based around a simple mechanical interface, sliding in nature, known as ‘Ez-Bit clip’n’play technology. Like we told you, all before these robots are modular, which means that the user can attach and modify a number of parts in order to create legs, arms and so much more. User will not require any tool and all of these parts can be printed using a 3D printer. Ez-Robot has taken the responsibility of sending the blueprints if you choose to build your own components.

The central board along which all these parts are attached to a robot controller, which is custom made and known as Ez-B. It is a 2.1 square inch board that has a 120-Mhz ARM CORTEX M3 processor and connects via Wi-Fi. It has 24 digital ports which allow for attachment of motors, sensors and LEDs. The robot can be controlled via a software which is run on PC. The voice recognition and video processing take place on this PC as well.

Looking at these robots; we have the Revolution Roli which is a rover design. The second one is a spider robot known as Revolution Six. The third and final one is known as Revolution JD; a humanoid robot. These robots and their parts can be mixed and re-arranged as per user requirement and configurations can be made by the user to suit his/her need.

Ez-Robot 2DJ Sures is the CEO of Ez-Robot and said; ‘Rather than focusing our product on a specific function, such as vacuuming floors, we have created a collection of tools to achieve your goal. Think of EZ-Robot as a blank canvas with a palette of colors to allow you to paint the future of robotics.’

The prices for these kits are as follows; Revolution Roli -$249, Revolution Six – $389 and Revolution JD – $469.

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