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New Mercedes Camper Van Is A Complete Solution For Your Camping Trips

Horizon Multi-Concept Vehicles (MCV) Limited, a British luxury automotive company designs vehicles to act both as a stylish solution for day-to-day transportation, while also providing the high-end living needs while you are away on weekends and long-distance tours. Horizon MCV’s New Vito model, which is set to be featured on Britain’s Got Talent this weekend, reflects the level of popularity for luxury, flexible-living solutions.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is one of the favorites to be converted into all sorts of utility vehicles like an armored van, ambulance, patrol unit, and a lot more, but those who love the outdoors like to turn it into their very own camper. To cater to the needs of Mercedes-Benz Vito owners who love the outdoors, Horizon MCV released a new customization package for the van. It features furniture in its interior that provides a mini bar complete with a freezer, small kitchen with a sink and burners. It also has foldable tables, foldable beds that could hold up to four adults, and a hydraulic pop-up roof bed. Unfortunately due to the lack of space, there’s no bathroom, but there is a Fiamma bio pot 30 toilet hidden under the bed.

Other key features include a heating system, water tank, fuel storage unit, and retractable tents that could be connected to the van’s side passenger door. The exterior includes a built-in awning with LED outdoor lighting. The kitchen area is accessible from the outside as well as inside, so the tent creates a covered outdoor cooking area. The exterior also includes hook-ups for an outdoor shower and barbecue. Some optional add-ons are the microwave, automatic 7-speed tronic gearbox, plus entertainment system with TV, DVD, and tablet. The starting price of the upgrade package of the Horizon MCV starts at 49,995 pounds and currently it’s only available in the UK.  

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