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New Man Ring Costing $385 Is An All-In-One Tool For Tough Situations

Most of the men would say no to the idea of wearing jewelry, however, this Man ring could change that since this particular ring is equipped with a myriad of fold-out handy tools just like a Swiss Army knife.

The Man Ring sports a bottle opener, two blades that can be used for cutting packages open, a comb for emergencies and a small saw. It has been designed by Bruce Boone in Georgia and has been created from titanium plates that are aerospace grade. These plates are held in place by making use of rivets made of brass.

The ring is given a brushed finish and the inside is polished to impart comfort. Once slid off the finger, it can be used for a number of tasks by folding out a wide variety of tools. For instance, the straight blade can be used for cutting open tape while the serrated blade can be used for tough packaging. The tiny saw is good for plastic and wood while the small comb ‘does a surprisingly good job of the stache or head’.

The ring has a width of 9mm and comes in different sizes with a price of $385 and the firm states, “This utility ring is not to be confused with a toy. It is a finely engineered and crafted piece of functional art that anyone would be proud to wear.”

The company is also offering variations of such tools based on spanners, pistons, handcuffs and military dog tags. So, what would you select; the ring or handcuffs?

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