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MicFlip Is A Reversible Micro-USB Cable That Solves Your Biggest Problem

We all have been there! The strange and oddly familiar embarrassment of placing your USB on the wrong side before flipping it over to make amends. Sometimes it gets truly exasperating, and you think it is just not humanly possible to plug in the micro USB cable correctly on the first try. Thank the technology gods for the MicFlip, a fully reversible micro USB Cable, which solves quite a big problem for good!

Pic Credits: indiegogo/McFlip

MicFlip is the first ever fully reversible USB cable that features Micro USB, and USB-A plugs that can fit perfectly into their respective ports anyway you place them, thus, saving you that precious couple of seconds so you can rant about some other crippling problem in your life.

Pic Credits: IndieGoGo/MicFlip

The gold-coated connections ensure it doesn’t corrode, while the unique design means it will work whether you insert it upside-down or right-side-up. The incredibly tough aluminum housing comes with a nylon braided cable that prevents MicFlip from tangling up while maintaining a solid connection even under the worst conditions. The cable is 6 feet long, giving you ample of room to move around with your device firmly fixed. You can grab this zero-accessory for $24.99.

Learn more about the product on their Indiegogo campaign here, and let us know about the product in the comments section below!

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