Now You Can Get Your Own Floating House In Dubai

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Houses floating on the top of water are nothing new, as they have been around for a long time. However, Dubai seems to be the hub of most luxurious of these water homes. New Living on Water, a Dutch company, is designing luxury houses to provide you comfort and privacy along with an incredible connection to nature.

Source: New Living on Water

Each luxury residence is designed to have multiple floors and can be used as either a vacation home or a business residence. Connecting these airborne structures to land will be a car-jetty. The rounded organic shaped homes will have a curved roof made of stainless steel. All the interior rooms of the house look onto a large terrace. The house measures 50 meters (164 feet) in length and 30 meters (98 feet) in width.

The multi-storey residence has three floors accessible by lifts and stairs. The basement is made of concrete and split into two sections for the sake of load balancing. Four bedroom and bathroom combinations cover the ground level along with a work space, a living room, and a kitchen. Every room has its separate outdoor area. The upper level features a dining room with a balcony. That being the primary structure, the specifics can be customized according to the customer’s need.

Source: New Living on Water

To keep the temperature moderate, the house will use an air-handling system with separate controls for each room. One of the features of the house focused on sustainability is the heat pump that will be utilized in conjunction with the air handling system to use surface water for heating and cooling. The house will use low-impact and maintenance-friendly materials in its construction to make the housing eco-friendly.

Source: New Living on Water

The houses can be connected to land for electricity and sanitation facility access, but it is also possible to make them entirely independent through a solar panel and drinking water supply along with a sewage water purification systems.

The best part is that you can get your water-home made in the Caribbean, Italy, Qatar, Dubai, Great Britain, Polynesia, Turkey, Portugal, the United States of America or even China; in short anywhere in the world. You name it, and you get it.

Source: New Living on Water

New Living on Water has already launched its floating lodges in Dubai, but the first of the luxury houses is expected to be built by the end of this year. A standard unit with 1,500 square foot of interior space and 48 square meters of exterior space will cost around $11 million.

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